Associate of Divinity

About This Degree

The Associate of Divinity degree is a two year theology degree.

It is designed to prepare passionate and called individuals over the age of 25 who do not already have a degree, for work in support and associate ministry roles. 

The Associate of Divinity degree can be completed with any combination of the fully online format, via video conference, or in person at our campus in the beautiful rolling hills of Jacksonville, Texas. Several classes are also offered as motion classes – a one week intensive format offered on campus in the summer.

As this degree is a theology associate degree, it does not contain all the core educational classes typically offered in typical junior college degree programs. 

As such, it is a terminal degree program, unless supplemented with additional core educational requirements, like English, history, government, science, and math, typically offered in an Associate of Arts degree.

For whom is the Associate degree in Divinity?

Academically, you will be expected to perform at a junior college level of proficiency in writing, research, and critical thinking. 

Various opportunities in Christian ministry are available to graduates, and we specifically recommend it for middle-aged and older students who have sensed a call to serve in the local church. 

Here are some examples of roles graduates of the ADiv might step into:

  • Pastor or Associate Pastor
  • Youth/Young Adult Minister
  • Music Minister
  • Christian Education Director
  • Minister of Outreach/Discipleship/Evangelism

Associate of Divinity Course Requirements (66 Hours)

Up to thirty (30) semester hours of work may be transferred from another accredited institution toward our 2 year theology degree.

No more than ten (10) courses at the 300-400 level may be taken. This means that both electives must be courses numbered 100-200. 

Biblical Studies (12 Hours)

  • OT 113 Old Testament Survey
  • NT 123 New Testament Survey
  • NT 213 Life of Christ
  • NT 223 Life of Paul

Theological-Historical Studies (12 Hours)

  • TH 411 Christian Doctrine I
  • TH 412 Christian Doctrine II
  • CH 211 Baptist History
  • CH 412 History of Christianity

Church Ministries (21 Hours)

  • PM 111 Introduction to the Christian Ministry
  • PM 321 Worship Leadership
  • PR 111 Oral Communication
  • Missions Elective
  • PM 312 Biblical Disciple-Making I
  • EV 411 Biblical Disciple-Making and Evangelism II
  • PM 421 Leadership and Disciple-Making

Christian Education (9 hours)

  • RE 111 Introduction to Psychology and Counseling
  • RE 211 Teaching for Results
  • RE 413 Special Studies in Natural Science*

*Students may substitute 3 hours of college level Math for RE 413.


(6 Hours of Modern Foreign Language, Science, or Computer Science)

  • RE 312 Computer Arts I
  • RE 315 Computer Arts II

Electives (6 Hours)

  • Elective
  • Elective

What can you do with an Associate degree in Theology?

Upon completion of the Associate of Divinity degree program, a graduate should be able to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Serve faithfully in various leadership and support ministry roles of a local church. 
  • Identify, build, and hone the leadership, communication, and critical thinking skills required of 21st century church leaders.
  • Understand and be capable of communicating essential biblical truths in the context of Christian ministry and beyond.
  • Enrich your personal faith, strengthen your leadership skills, and be challenged to think critically about issues facing the church today.
  • Sharpen your faith with a cohort of other passionate believers discovering together new ways to put faith into action. 
  • Study theology and Christian leadership under a world-class faculty of wise and proven ministers and leaders. 

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