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Affordable Seminary in East Texas

A quality seminary education is invaluable. But it can also be expensive. BMATS is proud to offer a theological seminary near Tyler, TX you can actually afford to attend.

We believe seminary should be accessible to everyone. So we work hard to make that happen.

Theological Seminary Near Tyler, TX

If you live near Tyler, TX, you know how special this area truly is and how hard it is to leave.

While you want a hands on theological seminary experience, it’s hard to justify moving away from friends, family, and maybe even a great ministry position.
BMA Theological Seminary is just 28 miles from Tyler, TX.

If you’re looking for a robust theological seminary education in East Texas that offers the same quality experience as the larger theology schools in Texas, BMATS is where you want to be.

Graduate Programs

BMATS offers a wide range of graduate programs. If you’re looking for a place where you can take in-depth theological classes here in East Texas, BMATS is where you want to be.

Master of Divinity Degree

Our MDiv program is robust, preparing you for the broadest possible range of ministry and academic positions.

MA in Christian Ministry

This two-year program is diverse enough to prepare you for a variety of ministry roles.

MA in Pastoral Theology

The pastoral theology degree provides hands-on ministry training to prepare you for your calling.

Master of Arts in Religion

Dive deep into History, Scripture, and Theology with a Master of Arts in Religion.

Undergraduate Degrees

Seminary schools rarely offer undergraduate programs. But at BMATS’ baptist seminary near Tyler, TX, we believe you shouldn’t have to wait 4 years to receive theological training.

Bachelor’s of Arts in Religion

The BA in Religion lays a solid foundation for vocational ministry or a master’s degree.

Associate of Divinity

The associate of divinity degree lets you start learning theology at any stage of your educational journey.

Christian Ministry Certificate

The Christian ministry certificate takes you deep into Scripture without requiring a 4-year degree.

Free Theology Courses

Whether you just want to learn more of God’s Word or want to test drive a seminary course, our free seminary class is for you.

Get A Theology Degree Online

Your online seminary school doesn’t have to be far away. In fact, when your seminary is within driving distance, you have better access to the faculty, extracurricular training opportunities, and more.

BMATS offers most of our courses online. The small handful of classes that need to be finished on campus can be completed in a weekend intensive format. So you can take the needed material in person over a single weekend.

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