Master of Divinity Degree (MDiv)

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree is our flagship program. This 90-hour degree is designed to prepare you for the broadest possible range of Christian leadership and ministry opportunities.

Students may earn the MDiv (MDiv is the proper abbreviation for a Master of Divinity degree) via:

  • 15-week semesters in Fall and Spring and/or 8-week sessions in Fall, Spring, and Summer
  • Online
  • Video conferencing
  • Motion (our in-person week long intensives)
  • On campus in East Texas
  • Or a combination of any of the above

Who Should Get An MDiv Degree?

The MDiv program provides the strongest foundation for the broadest range of ministry opportunities. As such, the Master of Divinity Degree is perfect for anyone aspiring to the following vocations: 

  • Pastor or Associate Pastor
  • Minister of Christian Education
  • Minister of Outreach/Discipling
  • Minister of Evangelism
  • Missionary
  • Chaplain
  • Educator/Professor
  • Researcher
  • And more

Get An Online Master of Divinity Degree

At BMATS (Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary), we strive to provide a highly flexible educational program. We believe we’ve developed one of the best online Master of Divinity programs available in Texas and want to make it accessible to as many prospective students as possible.

The Master of Divinity degree at BMATS can be earned entirely through distance education or on campus. That’s why we offer our Master of Divinity degree online as well as on campus.

For those interested in taking some courses on campus, BMATS offers intensive week-long classes that allow students to study on campus without requiring them to make a long-term move to Jacksonville, TX. We offer in-depth week-long intensives called “Motion Classes” for those wanting to experience some time on campus without making a long-term commitment to on-campus studies. These intensives cover the core of the curriculum in a matter of days, so you do not have to move to Texas for a whole semester for just one or two classes.


BMATS is a ministry member of the Baptist Missionary Association of America and a highly respected theological seminary in East Texas. Chartered in 1955, BMATS has a rich history of providing quality education to ministers and academics from throughout Texas, the United States, and around the world.

Whether you plan to do schooling on campus or acquire your Master of Divinity online, our accredited seminary will provide you with all the tools you need to minister with knowledge and confidence.

Please reach out for more information about the MDiv or any other theological studies you are interested in.

Master of Ministry vs. Master of Divinity

A Master of Divinity degree is much more in-depth than a Master of Arts in Church ministries. The basic difference is the MDiv’s language requirement (Greek and Hebrew and/or extensive biblical studies). The MACM is an excellent choice for students who already serve in full-time ministry and want to supplement their career or those seeking a position that does not require a Master of Divinity degree.

Can I Take The MDiv online?

Yes, You can earn the Master of Divinity online. This does require at least three courses to be completed either on campus or via video conferencing, while most distance education students take their courses via video conference during regular semester (typically one night per week), others choose to visit the campus for intensive week long studies usually held during summer sessions.

Can I Transfer Credit Towards An MDiv Degree?

Up to 42 semester hours of previous work (63 quarter hours) may be transferred into the BMA Master of Divinity program from another accredited institution. 

What Can You Do With a Master of Divinity Degree?

A graduate of the BMA Master of Divinity program will demonstrate deep understanding and competencies in the following areas:

  • Lead and minister on a professional level as a pastor, chaplain, or church leader in a church or ministry-related organization. 
  • Effectively listen, disciple, and guide spiritual formation with empathy, wisdom, and cross-cultural competency as a pastoral counselor. 
  • Lead, ideate, and disciple for both the academic and practical facets of ministry in a world of increasingly diverse religious heritages and cultural contexts. 
  • Be deeply aware of and committed to ongoing personal development, spiritual formation, boundaries/self-care, and rest/Sabbath in an “always-on” world. 
  • Show deep understanding and ability to communicate effectively biblical truths and theological ideas.  
  • Demonstrate research and academic skills to perform at high levels of ongoing professional ministries or postgraduate/doctoral studies.
Is a Master of Divinity a master’s degree?

Yes. The Master of Divinity program is one of the highest, most respected achievements most ministers ever attain.

 Master of Divinity Degree Course Requirements (90 Semester Credit Hours)

Courses fall into the following fields of study:

  • Biblical and Language Studies
  • Theological-Historical Studies
  • Church Ministries
  • Christian Leadership

In addition to the well-rounded foundational core curriculum (OT and NT Introduction and Survey), 21 semester hours of biblical study (7 classes) are required to provide the strongest possible foundation for Christian leadership and discipleship. Several options exist: (1) Students may complete biblical Greek and Hebrew courses; (2) Students may complete designated courses in hermeneutics, language tools for advanced study, OT and NT exposition, and proclamation (i.e., instead of biblical languages); or (3) Students may complete a combination of language courses and designated biblical studies courses.  Students can also take a limited number of electives to allow for emphasis in a particular area of interest. 

Biblical Studies (33 Hours)

  • NT 511 New Testament Introduction and Survey I
  • NT 512 New Testament Introduction and Survey II
  • Grk 411 Greek Grammar I or BI 513 Language Tools for Advanced Bible Study
  • Grk 412 Greek Grammar II or BI 514 Biblical Hermeneutics
  • Grk 621 Greek Exegesis I or NT 621 New Testament Exposition
  • Grk 622 Greek Exegesis II or NT 621 New Testament Exposition
  • OT 511 Old Testament Introduction and Survey I
  • OT 512 Old Testament Introduction and Survey II
  • Heb 511 Hebrew Grammar I or OT 621 Old Testament Exposition
  • Heb 512 Hebrew Grammar II or OT 621 Old Testament Exposition
  • Heb 621 Introduction to Hebrew Exegesis or PR 621 Special Studies in Preaching*

*Non-ministerial students may substitute an elective for PR 621.

Theological-Historical Studies (18 Hours)

  • TH 511 Systematic Theology I
  • TH 512 Systematic Theology II
  • Elective in theology, philosophy, or ethics
  • CH 511 General Church History I
  • CH 621 Survey of Baptist Heritage
  • CE 511 Introduction to Christian Ethics

    Church Ministries (24 Hours)

    • PM 511 Pastoral Ministry*
    • PM 514 Principles of Disciple-Making
    • EV 512 Biblical Evangelism and Disciple-Making
    • PM 631 Supervised Ministerial Leadership Experience**
    • PM 521 Theology of Worship
    • PR 511 Expository Preaching*
    • PR 611 Homiletics*
    • Missions Elective

    *Non-ministerial students may substitute electives for PM 511, PR 511, PR 611, and PR 621. **Students may substitute an approved CPE, PM, RE, or Miss. internship for PM 532.

    Christian Education (9 hours)

    • RE 536 Principles of Christian Counseling
    • RE 511 Principles of Church Administration OR
      RE 512 Administrative Christian Leadership*
    • RE 514 Principles of Christian Teaching OR
      RE 515 Christian Education of Various Groups OR
      RE 631 Special Studies in Religious Education

    *Ministerial students lacking prior studies in church administration must take RE 511. 

    Electives (6 Hours)

    • Elective
    • Elective

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