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Theology Degree Near Tulsa, OK

BMATS is a ministry of the Baptist Missionary Association. We are a prominent theological seminary near Tulsa, OK. Since 1956, we’ve equipped our students with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective ministry, helped them deepen their understanding of the Bible, and more.

For over six decades, our accredited seminary has provided students with the tools necessary to serve their ministries with conviction and proficiency. Attend classes in-person on our gorgeous campus or get your degree through our online program.

Contact us for further details about the MADM program or any other theological studies that pique your interest.

A Seminary You Can Actually Afford near Tulsa, OK

We understand that the cost of seminary can be a barrier for many. That’s why we are proud to offer an affordable theology program near Tulsa, OK that is accessible to everyone.
Anyone who wants a seminary education should have access to it. Our team works diligently to make this a reality.

Undergraduate Degrees

At our Baptist seminary located near Tulsa, OK we strongly believe that a sound theological education should not have to wait on a bachelor’s degree

Bachelor’s of Arts in Religion

Building a strong base for a vocational ministry or pursuing a master’s degree can be achieved by obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion.

Associate of Divinity

No matter where you are in your educational journey, our Associate of Divinity degree offers you the opportunity to begin your theological studies at any point.

Christian Ministry Certificate

Explore the depths of scripture with the Christian Ministry Certificate, which can be obtained without a four-year degree.

Free Theology Courses

Deepen your understanding of God’s Word or take a seminary course with our free seminary class is just for you.

Graduate Programs

BMATS offers a wide range of graduate programs. If you’re wanting to take in-depth theology classes near Tulsa, OK, BMATS is where you want to be.

Master of Divinity Degree

After our Masters of Divinity program, you will be equipped with the skills to excel in a wide range of ministry and academic positions.

MA in Christian Ministry

Our Christian Ministry program is a two-year degree and prepares you for a variety of ministry roles.

MA in Pastoral Theology

You get to do hands-on ministry training when you do our pastoral theology degree. This helps prepare you for your calling.

Master of Arts in Religion

Explore the depths of History, Scripture, and Theology with our Master of Arts in Religion program.

Get A Theology Degree Online

Attending an online seminary that’s located far away is not necessary. In fact, having a seminary within driving distance provides better access to faculty, extracurricular training, resources, and more.

At BMATS, you can take the majority of our courses online. Only a select few classes require physical attendance on campus, but these can be completed through intensive weekend sessions. This allows you to cover the necessary material in person within a single weekend.

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