Thank you for your interest in BMA Seminary! The purpose of this message is to let you know of some specific information you will be required to fill out on the application.

You will need to know the following:

  1. There is an application fee of $35 (this fee will be credited to your first semester’s tuition once you are approved and officially enrolled in classes).
  2. The name, email address, and phone number of 3 references (pastoral, academic or business, and personal).
  3. A list of your work history (last 5 years).
  4.  A list of any Christian service or ministry activities in which you have been involved (last 10 years).
  5. Your Social Security Number.
  6. The date of your salvation.
  7. The denomination of the church in which you are a member.

*It will take roughly 30 minutes to fully complete the application.

*You can save the application that you have started and finish it at a later date by clicking the Save and Finish Later tab at the end of each page on the application. If you choose that option, you will need to log in with the email you have listed on the first page of the application in order to get back to your saved information.

If you have all of this information as you start your application, you should be all set! When you are ready to apply, please feel free to click the link below!