Master of Arts in Church Ministries (MACM)

The Master of Arts in Church Ministries is a two-year (60 semester hours) program of studies that prepares you for a variety of ministries in a church or church-related institution, including pastoral ministry or a particular area of church ministry such as:

  • Christian education
  • Missions
  • Pastoral counseling
  • Youth
  • Evangelism
  • Discipleship
  • And more

Students may earn a Master of Arts in Church Ministries online or on campus. We offer semester-length courses online, via video conferencing, and/or on the Jacksonville, Texas campus. In addition, some courses for this degree can be earned in intensive on-campus (Motion) classes. The degree can be earned entirely by distance education or on campus.

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What can you do with a Master’s in Church Ministries degree?

Master of Arts in Church Ministries — Job Opportunities

The Master of Arts in Church Ministries program allows students to prepare for numerous ministry opportunities, including:

  • Minister of Christian Education
  • Minister of Outreach/Discipling
  • Minister of Evangelism
  • Campus Minister
  • Youth Minister
  • Pastor or Associate Pastor
  • Missionary
  • Pastoral Counselor

The Master of Arts in Church Ministries degree is a highly versatile degree that will equip you for a wide range of roles within and outside of the church.

Goals for the Master’s in Christian Ministry Program

Upon satisfactory completion of the Master of Arts in Church Ministries program, you should be able to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Minister competently as a pastor, associate pastor, or pastoral counselor to a local church congregation.
  • Minister on a professional level as a minister of education or minister of youth in a church or church-related institution.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills in Christian ministry and education in various Christian ministry contexts.
  • Understand and have the skills to communicate biblical and theological truths in the context of Christian ministry.
  • Demonstrate personal growth and spiritual maturity as needed for leading various church ministries.
  • Function at an acceptable level in further professional studies in Christian ministry.

If you’re looking for an in-person or online Christian ministry degree, the MACM may be the perfect path for you.

What is a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry?

The Master of Arts in Ministry, (also referred to by some schools as the Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership or the Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry), is a Christian ministry training program that equips seminary students for various roles in ministry.

At BMATS, we’ve worked hard to develop a robust leadership and ministry degree program that is accessible to as many people as possible. That’s why we offer an affordable Christ-centered education that can be earned both on campus and online.

Earn A Master’s Of Arts In Ministry Online

BMATS offers a flexible Masters of Arts in Church Ministries online degree where you can take most of your courses remotely. If interested, you may take some of those courses as weeklong intensives called Motion.

Our goal is to make acquiring a degree convenient for our students, including those who live far away.


BMATS is a member of the Baptist Missionary Association and a highly respected theological seminary in East Texas. Founded in October 1956, BMATS has a rich history of providing quality education to ministers and academics throughout Texas, the United States, and around the world.

Whether you plan to do schooling on campus or acquire your Master of Arts in Church Ministries online, our accredited seminary will provide you with all the tools you need to minister with knowledge and confidence.

Please reach out for more information about the MACM or any other theological studies you are interested in.

Master of Arts in Church Ministries Requirements (60 Hours)

The candidate for the Master of Arts in Church Ministries degree must complete a minimum of thirty three semester hours through at BMA Seminary.

Up to 27 semester hours of work may be transferred from an accredited institution toward the Master of Arts in Church Ministries degree.

Biblical Studies (12 Hours)

  • OT 511 Old Testament Introduction and Survey I
  • OT 512 Old Testament Introduction and Survey II
  • NT 511 New Testament Introduction and Survey I
  • NT 512 New Testament Introduction and Survey II

Theological-Historical Studies (12 Hours)

  • TH 511 Systematic Theology I
  • TH 512 Systematic Theology II
  • CH 511 General Church History I
  • CH 621 Survey of Baptist Heritage

Church Ministries (18 Hours)

  • PM 511 Pastoral Ministry
  • PM 514 Principles of Disciple-Making
  • EV 512 Biblical Evangelism and Disciple-Making
  • PM 631 Supervised Ministerial Leadership Experience
  • PR 511 Expository Preaching
  • PR 611 Homiletics

Non-ministerial students may substitute electives for PM 511, PR 511, and PR 611.

Students may substitute an approved Clinical Pastoral Education, Pastoral Ministry, Religious Education, or Missions internship for PM 532.

Christian Education (12 hours)

  • RE 511 Principles of Church Administration OR
    RE 512 Administrative Christian Leadership
  • Elective in Christian Education
  • RE 536 Principles of Christian Counseling
  • Elective in Christian Education

Ministerial students lacking prior studies in church administration must take RE 511. 

Electives (6 Hours)

  • Elective
  • Elective

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