We Need Your Help

BMA Seminary provides an excellent Christ-centered, biblically-based education at tuition rates far below the cost of providing that education. Students only pay a small percentage of the expenses necessary for operating an accredited, world-class seminary. We keep our tuition low (the lowest of any fully accredited evangelical seminary) to help our students graduate without a mountain of debt. We want them to have the financial freedom to pursue God’s calling on their life, regardless of salary.

We need your help to continue offering Christ-centered education to future generations of ministers and leaders. We need faithful churches and faithful men and women who will help fulfill our mission in Christ’s kingdom.

How You Can Help

Pray for BMA Seminary and its ministry of training future pastors and leaders.
Donate any amount today through our website.
Note: You can specify details about your donation on the page where you review your donation.

For more information about being a donor and specific projects to which you can give, please contact Keri Southern at (800) 259-5673 or [email protected].