Theological Seminary Online

Affordable Online Theology Courses

Finding a high quality theological seminary nearby is highly unlikely for most people. But uprooting your life and family and moving for school isn’t always practical.

BMA Theological Seminary offers a variety of robust theological courses online to help you achieve your vocational goals without moving away.

Is Online Seminary Right For Me?

Seminary online is not right for everyone. Some students thrive, others struggle. We want you to succeed.

Answer the following questions to determine how successful you may be as an online student.

✓ Are you self-motivated?

The flexible schedule is great for some students, and detrimental to others.

✓ Are you computer competent?

You don’t have to be highly tech savvy, but you should know your way around Microsoft Office, email, and navigating a website.

✓ Do you really have enough time for the course?

Online seminary offers a flexible schedule, but you still need to ensure you will have enough time to complete the course.

If you answered “Yes” to the above questions, you may be an ideal candidate for online seminary.

Can I Earn a Degree Completely Online?

Yes, each BMATS degree can be earned completely via distance education. Most courses are available online so that students can study at times convenient for them while submitting assignments according to weekly due dates. A few courses require students to join classes during scheduled and live video meetings each week. These are normally disciple-making courses.


When can I register for online classes?
Usually the schedule for the upcoming semester is available about the middle of the current semester and early registration opens shortly thereafter. Current students and incoming students may register during early registration and anytime thereafter, until registration closes at the beginning of the new semester.
How do I register?

Current students and incoming students register by first conacting the Business Office to arrange payment terms.  They may then enroll through the student information system on the Seminary’s website. You are encouraged to call, email, or personally visit with an advisor in the Dean’s Office before beginning the registration process to ensure the courses you plan to take will help you complete your degree in a timely manner. All course registrations must be approved by an advisor before you are enrolled in a class.

You will not be able to access your online courses until you have completed the registration process by making payment arrangements in the Business Office.

When do online classes start?
Online courses are offered on the same schedule as on-campus courses. They begin in January, May, and August. 
How do I pay for classes?

Once you have registered and been approved by your advisor, your class will go onto your student bill in the student information system. You can check your account in the student information system. Students will not receive a paper bill in the mail! You may pay your bill online, pay over the phone, send in your payment, or pay in person at the Business Office.

If you are not paying your bill in full at the time of registration (whether receiving grants or scholarships, taking out student loans, or using a payment plan), you will be required to complete and return a Tuition Contract before your registration will be completed.

How much do online classes cost?

Tuition – $325.00 per semester hour ($975 for a 3 hour course)
Distance Learning Fee—$100.00 per course
Matriculation/Registration Fee—$30.00 per semester
Library Fee—$45.00 per semester

What equipment do I need?

At the most basic level, you need a computer and an internet connection. There’s a little more to it, so see all the details here.

Can I work on my own time, or are there set times I have to log in to the class?

You do not have to log on a specific day or days at a particular time. The assignments and tests are usually posted on a certain day of the week and you are given one week to complete those tasks. You can determine at what time during the week you wish to complete the work in the course, so long as you complete it before it is due.

Some online courses have live video components. Those courses that require live video components are clearly marked on the semester class schedule so that you will know what time(s) of the week these courses meet. You are responsible to log in to the videochats at the appropriate times as part of the course. Other assignments in these courses are completed according to your schedule as described above. Some online courses also have live video components that are optional. These are listed as regular online courses.

Do I have to apply to be a student to take one online course?
Anyone wanting to take an online course must first be admitted to the Seminary as a student. Special consideration during the admissions process may be given to individuals who do not wish to pursue a seminary degree. Contact the Dean’s Office to discuss your particular situation.
Do I have to choose a degree program to take online courses?
No. You can choose to be a Non-Degree Seeking student. However, you still have to apply and be admitted as a student.
How do I get a syllabus?
You can view and download syllabi by going to the Current Students portion of the website and scrolling the Syllabus “drawer” on the page.  Search for syllabi by semester, then by professor name.
How do I know what books I need to purchase?

Books needed for each class are listed on the syllabus. Other than courses using DiscipleWay materials, the Seminary does not maintain an on-campus bookstore to sell textbooks. You are encouraged to purchase your books through a local Christian bookstore or a reputable online bookseller, such as, or

Is there new student orientation for online students?
Yes. New Student Orientation is available on Moodle for all incoming students. You will be able to access the orientation after you have been accepted as a student.
How do I receive my grades?
Grades for specific assignments will be posted in the online course. You may check final grades at the end of the semester in the student information system.