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Accredited Texas Seminary School Christ Centered Learning Since 1955

BMATS is a Baptist theological seminary with a rich history of more than 60 years training leaders to thrive in a wide range of vocational ministry roles and theological careers.

We provide high quality, Christ-centered education at an affordable price.

If you’re looking for a seminary school in Texas where you can grow in your faith and knowledge of Scripture, start an application today.

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Graduate Programs

BMA Theological Seminary is a graduate school and Evangelical seminary offering a variety of high-quality, Christ-centered theology programs.

Master of Arts in Disciple Making

The MA in Disciple Making helps professionals and/or volunteers in ministry prepare for obeying Christ’s Great Commission to make disciples.

MA in Christian Ministry

The Master of Arts in Chstian Ministry is a two-year program that will equip you for a variety of church and pastoral ministry roles.

Master of Divinity Degree

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) is our flagship program designed to prepare you for the broadest possible range of ministry and theological vocations.

MA in Pastoral Theology

If you’re looking for a pastoral degree that will help you better serve God’s people, this degree could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Master of Arts in Religion

Ready to take a deep dive into Scripture, Theology, and History? Explore the Master’s in Religion from our Texas Baptist seminary school.

Undergraduate Theological Studies

If you’re looking for a strong theological foundation to prepare you for ministry or further theological studies, our Baptist seminary in Texas will lay the groundwork for your future.

Bachelor’s of Arts in Religion

Whether you want to pursue a career in theology or vocational ministry, our BA in Religion provides an excellent foundation to build upon.

Associate of Divinity

If you’re looking for a theology associate degree online or on campus, BMATS offers an excellent Associate of Divinity Degree.

Christian Ministry Certificate

We offer an in-person and online Christian ministry certificate that provides a foundational teaching in theology and Christian leadership.

Certificate Of Disciple Making

The Certificate of Disciple Making is an in-depth study in the Christian’s call to fulfill the Great Commission.

Free Theology Courses

Want to dive deeper into God’s Word with a free theology class? Our in-depth course lets you test-drive seminary before becoming a student.

Why Choose BMA Seminary

We believe every student should be able to study God’s Word without high cost being a barrier to an excellent education. We are an affordable theology school in Texas offering onsite and online classes.

Who We Are

A Christ-centered Texas theological seminary committed to training you to disciple others, preach the Word, teach the truth, and lead God’s people in worship. BMA Seminary provides the education and training to prepare you for what God has called you to do.

Seminary Online

We offer online theology degrees for masters, bachelors, and associate levels. Prepare for ministry while serving right where you are. Our online seminary courses are flexible and allow you to dive deep into God’s Word without moving to another city or state.

Seminary On-Campus

From fun campus life to robust theological training, our on-campus seminary in Jacksonville, TX will be a truly life changing experience. At BMATS, you’re not just a face in the crowd. You’re not just a student. Each of our professors personally disciple you and invest in your ministry from day one.

Explore Our Degree Programs

Our divinity school in Texas offers graduate, undergrad, and non-degree plans.


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Should I Go To Seminary

Should I Go To Seminary

Are you thinking of going to seminary? Or wondering if it’s right for you? Here are thoughtful questions and answers to help you through your discernment process. Why Attend Seminary? There are many reasons curious minds attend BMATS. Let’s break the process down into...

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Why I Chose BMA Seminary

Why I Chose BMA Seminary

I earned my Bachelor of Arts (Religion) degree in 2016 from BMA Seminary. I could have gone somewhere else or stopped school altogether, but I had the desire to continue learning. Toward the end of my BAR studies, I knew that I...

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Free Course Review

Free Course Review

Student Review on Minor Prophet Free Course Offered Spring 2019 Interested in a future free class? Sign-up here! I have just finished a FREE online class offered by our Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary. The title of the course was “Introduction to...

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The Olive and the Almond

The Olive and the Almond

The secret to a God-pleasing life is to become an almond by being an olive. That sounds cryptic and strange, but Christians possess a treasury of strange sayings. We are the ones who talk about being “born again” and “on fire for God,” after all. The special...

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Ministry Placement

Ministry Opportunities On this page are listed potential ministry opportunities for BMA Seminary students. The Seminary does not offer direct ministry placement or attempt to match students with potential ministry opportunities. Students may send resumes to the...

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Bible Versions

REPORT OF THE SPECIAL SEMINARY COMMITTEE ON A THOROUGHSTUDY OF THE NEW KING JAMES AND OTHER BIBLE VERSIONS, APRIL 1983 INTRODUCTIONIn April of 1982 a resolution was passed by the B.M.A. of America giving the faculty of the Baptist Missionary Association Theological...

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God, Man, and Marriage

God Created Man and God Created Marriage:  A White Paper by the Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary Faculty April 2015 During the August 2014 meeting of the Baptist Missionary Association of America’s (BMA) Coordinating Council, Dr. John Adams...

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BMA Seminary Response to COVID-19

As the state of Texas begins to reopen, BMA Seminary is making changes to the restrictions established in March as a response to COVID-19: All Summer courses will be distance learning courses. The Seminary continues to monitor the situation in preparation for the Fall...

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