Undergraduate Degrees

The undergraduate program at Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary is designed to be as flexible as possible to meet the needs of both individual students and the local church. 

Whether you are preparing for graduate studies, coming in with transfer credit from another school, new to college, or simply want to enrich your faith with further study of Scripture, we offer the best training and format to meet your needs. 

From a fully-accredited Bachelor of Religion degree program to an Associate of Divinity to certificate programs that can be taken either for credit or personal enrichment, feel free to explore our website and find a program that suits your passions and your calling, and let’s get to work building the Kingdom of God–together. 

Each degree and certificate program at BMATS has a dedicated page where you can explore courses, formats and schedules that work best for your unique situation. 

We are excited you’ve landed here. We hope and pray that you will find inspiration, passion, and God’s direction for your life in these web pages on your journey to discern His “good, pleasing, and perfect will” for the next step in your journey in faith and Christian leadership. 

Grace and peace,

The Staff and Faculty of Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary

Seminary Degrees We Offer

Associate of Divinity Degree Program

Bachelor of Arts in Religion

Certificate in Christian Ministry

Transfer Students

Certificate of Disciple Making


Q: Why should I major in theology or religion for my undergraduate work instead of completing a “secular” degree and attending seminary later?

A: Our degree programs reflect the needs of various cohorts in the local church. 

A Master of Divinity degree is not only a substantial degree in content and length (90 semester hours), it is academically very rigorous. Most leaders who pursue the M.Div. degree are currently serving in full-time ministry roles or working toward being a senior leader at a local church. The M.Div. requires graduate level research skills, study of Greek and Hebrew, and an existing undergraduate degree. 

Every student’s goals are different: you may come to us with no or incomplete college experience, or you may simply not have the time or desire to commit to 3-4 years of graduate level theological study. 


Q: Can I tailor my degree or certificate program to my own needs and interests?

A: It varies with the degree program, but yes. 

The Bachelor of Religion includes up to 15 semester hours (5 classes) of electives in Christian theology that you can choose to tailor your individual degree plan to your needs. 

The Associate of Divinity degree contains 6 hours (2 classes) of electives. 

The Certificate of Christian Studies is our most flexible degree plan, consisting of any twenty-four (24) semester hours (8 classes) of the student’s choice. 

Q: Can I complete a fully online religion degree through BMA?

A: Many of our students live remotely and complete their degree almost entirely online. 

However, we do not yet offer all classes in remote format. You will be required to take at least a few courses in person on campus at our campus in East Texas. 

Those courses are offered in an intensive weekend format, which allows a great deal of flexibility for your personal schedule and needs.