Master of Arts in Disciple Making

The Master of Arts in Disciple Making is a two-year (36 semester hours) program of studies. Students are able to complete studies in the fields of Biblical, Theological-Historical, Church Ministries, and Religious Education.

Candidates for the Master of Arts in Disciple Making degree must meet certain requirements.
They must earn a minimum of 21 semester hours through BMA Seminary.

Students can earn a Master of Arts in Disciple Making degree in several ways. They can attend on-campus classes, take online distance education courses, or combine online and on-campus classes.

Goals for the Master of Arts in Disciple Making Program

After completing the Master of Arts in Disciple Making program, graduates should have achieved the following objectives:

  • Demonstrate the ability to identify and defend biblical foundations for disciple making.
  • Demonstrate the ability to evaluate, organize, and lead in strategies for making disciple makers within varied ministry contexts.
  • Demonstrate personal spiritual growth related to key spiritual disciplines.

Are you interested in enhancing your ministry skills? The MADM program could be the right choice for you. It offers both in-person and online degree options. It can help you become more effective in disciple-making ministry, even if you are a volunteer at a church.

What is a Master of Arts in Disciple Making?

The Master of Arts in Disciple Making is a unique degree. It focuses on helping ministry professionals and volunteers prepare to obey Christ’s Great Commission and make disciples.

At BMATS, we’ve worked hard to develop a robust leadership development and disciple-making degree program that is accessible to as many people as possible. That’s why we offer an affordable, Christ-centered education that can be earned both on campus and online.

    About BMATS

    BMATS is a ministry of the Baptist Missionary Association and a highly respected theological seminary in East Texas. BMATS was founded in October 1956. For over sixty years, it has been providing high-quality education to ministers and academics in Texas, the US and globally.

    Our accredited seminary provides the tools needed to minister with knowledge and confidence. You can choose to do your schooling on campus or get your Master of Arts in Disciple Making online.

    Please reach out for more information about the MADM or any other theological studies you are interested in.

    Earn a Master of Arts in Disciple Making Online

    BMATS offers a flexible Master in Discipleship Program online so you can take all your courses remotely. Students can enroll in intensive “Motion” courses. These courses usually require one week on campus.

    Before and after this, students must do the coursework at home. Our goal is to make getting a degree easy for our students, including those who live far away.


    What can you do with a Master of Arts in Disciple Making degree?

    The Master of Arts in Disciple Making degree allows the student to prepare for several supportive and/or ministerial roles. The program is recommended for those who are studying for any of the following ministries or similar lay positions:

    • Associate Pastor
    • Director of Women’s Ministry
    • Director of Assimilation
    • Minister of Christian Education
    • Minister of Evangelism
    • Minister of Outreach/Disciple-Making
    • Minister of Spiritual Formation

      Master of Arts in Disciple Making (36 Hours)

      Master of Arts in Disciple Making degree requires completing a minimum of twenty-one semester hours through BMA Seminary.

      Up to 15 semester hours of work may be transferred toward the Master of Arts in Disciple Making degree. These hours must come from an accredited institution.


      Biblical Studies (9 Hours)

      • OT 513 Old Testament Introduction and Survey
      • NT 513 New Testament Introduction and Survey
      • BI514 Biblical Hermeneutics

      Theological-Historical Studies (9 Hours)

      • TH 511 Systematic Theology I
      • TH 512 Systematic Theology II
      • TH 515 Christian Devotional Literature

      Church Ministries (12 Hours)

      • PM 514 Principles of Disciple-Making
      • PM 517 Theology of Disciple-Making
      • EV 512 Biblical Evangelism and Disciple-Making
      • PM 631 Supervised Ministerial Leadership Experience

      Christian Education (6 Hours)

      • RE 536 Principles of Christian Counseling
      • RE 531 Advanced Biblical Interpersonal Communication and Conflict Management

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