Scroll & Parchment Society

What is Scroll and Parchment?

The Friends of the Library support group of Kellar Library is called the Scroll & Parchment Society. There is an annual enrollment of members of the Scroll & Parchment Society.


You can become a member of the Scroll & Parchment Society by one of three means:

  • Make a single donation of $50 in honor or memory of any individual for the purchase of one book (the library purchases hardbacks for durability).
  • Make a monthly donation of $50, either by check, debit card or credit card. For ease of donation, at your request, an encoded record of your card can be kept on file and your monthly donation automatically deducted.
  • Make a $1,000 donation and a book will be purchased immediately and the remainder will be placed in our Scroll and Parchment Endowment Fund. Then, each year another book will be purchased in the honoree’s name until the Lord’s return (a notice of book placement will be sent to the donor each year).


What will Kellar Library do?

  • The library will send immediately a dignified “in Memory” card or “In Honor” card to the person(s) of your memorial or honorarium.
  • The library will send you a receipt for the amount of your gift for your tax reporting use and blank memorial forms to use at your convenience.
  • The library will place the appropriate number of new books in the library for student use.
  • An appropriate plaque will be placed in each book indicating the name of the person being memorialized or honored and the name of the person who gave the offering.

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