Invest In A 65-Year Legacy Of Ministry Training

Give tomorrow's Christian leaders a training base where they can become equipped to change the world.


Our seminary graduated the first class of bible scholars in 1958. If those scholars walked these halls today, they’d be proud to see that our commitment to the Scriptures has not changed. However, they’d also see that the appearance of our campus hasn’t changed much either.

Our old buildings, finely crafted in their day, are solid even now, but – well – the passage of time is showing in a few places.

In recent years, the seminary has reroofed the main buildings on campus and remodeled the chapel. A fresh coat of paint has spiffed up the main buildings, but there is so much more yet to do.

We need your help to revitalize our campus.

Student housing requires some much needed care:

  • New roofs
  • Painting and sealing
  • Minor repair work
  • HVAC work


The parking lots are worn down and need to be:

  • Repaved
  • Restriped
  • Reinforced


Tree work is needed to preserve:

  • House foundations
  • Parking lots
  • Driveways

Would you consider giving a special gift to the seminary to help make these improvements? Our campus has trained and equipped countless leaders for ministry for over 65 years. Help us propel forward the legacy of solid biblical education to future generations of pastors, missionaries, and disciples.