Application Documents

After completing an online application, there are additional documents that need to be submitted for your application to be complete. Some of these will need to be completed by others (such as references and transcripts), while most will be submitted directly by you. These documents can be uploaded directly in the Admissions Portal, which you can access with the login credentials you created when you applied. Alternatively, you can also mail these documents to the Admissions Office or email them to [email protected].

Please note that some documents are required for all applicants while others only apply in specific situations. For efficient processing of your application, please make sure you submit all necessary documents in a timely fashion. 

Application Agreement

Please sign and submit an Application Agreement.

Be sure to read the Student Handbook before signing the Application Agreement.

Spiritual Inventory

Complete a Spiritual Inventory at this website and submit your results. You only need to submit the first page of the results.

Biographical Statement

In a single-spaced typed 500 to 1,000 word statement, relate the details of the following phases of your Christian life:

      • Particulars about your conversion to Christ. Please state what a person must do to receive eternal life and when you took that step.
      • Your call to the gospel ministry or to Christian service: the area of ministry in which you are planning to serve.
      • The extent to which you have been involved and the success you have enjoyed in preaching the Gospel and personally leading others to Christ.
      • Your spiritual and vocational goals in life.
      • Your motives for doing undergraduate or graduate work.
      • Your plans for completing your intended program of studies.

Admissions Questionnaire

Please complete and submit an Admissions Questionnaire for your degree program:

Church Relationship

Preparation for Christian ministry is nurtured in the local church. Ask your church to write a letter: (1) confirming membership or regular participation in good standing, (2) endorsing your potential for effective ministry, and (3) confirming the length of time and description of your involvement in ministries of the church. This letter is in addition to your pastoral reference.

To help your church complete this letter, we strongly encourage you to give them this form.

The church should send the statement directly to the Seminary, either via email or mail.

Spouse/Fiancé(e) Statement

If married or engaged, include a signed statement written by your spouse or fiancé/fiancée describing his or her saving faith in Christ, when he or she took that step, and whether he or she is in agreement with your plans to enter seminary.

Meningitis Vaccine

All students should submit this form declaring their compliance with or exemption from the meningitis immunization requirements. Students who are subject to the requirement may need to submit additional documentation with the form.

Student Housing

Applicants desiring to obtain student housing at our main campus should complete a Request for Housing form and submit it directly to the Business Office.


If either you or your spouse has been divorced, please submit a statement discussing each occurrence. The fact that you have been divorced does not mean you will be denied admittance. However, the Admissions Committee must understand the situation(s) in order to evaluate your potential for success in seminary study and in future ministry. 

For each divorce, please discuss when and why it occurred, counseling which may have occurred before the divorce, who filed for the divorce, attempts at reconciliation, the resolution including the status of children from the marriage, your view of biblical teaching on divorce and remarriage, and how you feel the divorce may affect your future ministry.

If you are separated but not divorced, please contact the Dean, as each situation is considered on a case-by-case basis.

Criminal Background

If you are now, or if you have ever been under investigation, or arrested for a criminal or sexual offense or if you have ever been convicted of a crime, please attach a signed document discussing each occurrence. For each occurrence of an investigation/arrest/crime, please discuss when and why it occurred, the sentence imposed for each occurrence (including its duration), the resolution of the occurrence, and how you feel the occurrence may affect your future ministry.

The fact that you were ever under investigation, arrested, or convicted of a crime or sexual offense does not mean you will be denied admittance.  However, the admissions committee must understand the situation(s) in order to evaluate your potential for success in seminary and in future ministry.

All applicants are required to give permission to BMA Seminary to obtain a criminal background check.