What’s the difference between Bible College And Seminary?

by Jun 28, 2023

Should I Go To Bible College or Seminary… Or Both?

If you believe you are called to Christian ministry, you need training.

The question is, what kind of training?

Many Christians have a desire to get a quality Christian education, especially those who want to pursue vocational ministry.

So should you go to Bible College or Seminary?

Let’s dive into the differences.

What’s the difference between Bible College and Seminary?

Bible college and seminary have many similarities. However, the differences are very important. While both offer religious education, they differ in their focus, scope, and level of training.

Bible College

It should be said that many Bible colleges don’t only offer ministry focused courses. Some Bible colleges allow you to pursue a degree in nursing or business, for example, while providing a Biblical foundation throughout your educational experience. However, for those pursuing a career in ministry, Bible college focuses on providing practical education that prepares students for ministry in their local church or community. The curriculum typically includes courses in Bible study, theology, pastoral care, evangelism, and missions. Bible colleges usually offer undergraduate degrees, although some may also offer graduate-level programs.


Seminary, on the other hand, tends to focus on providing a more comprehensive education that prepares students for advanced ministry, teaching, or academic roles. The curriculum typically includes courses in Bible study, theology, church history, ethics, leadership, and counseling. Seminary offers graduate-level programs, such as master’s degrees, doctorates, and professional certificates.

In terms of scope, Bible colleges tend to have a narrower focus on Christian ministry, while seminaries may offer programs in a wider range of fields, such as theology, biblical studies, philosophy, ethics, and religion.

Overall, while there is overlap between the two, the main difference between Bible college and seminary is the level and depth of training provided, as well as the intended career paths of the graduates.

Do I Need Bible College AND Seminary?

If you want to go to seminary, in most cases, you need a bachelor’s degree. Many seminaries do not offer a bachelor’s degree as they are strictly graduate programs. That’s why many students attend Bible College first and then enroll in seminary after graduation.

However, BMA Theological Seminary in East Texas is one of the few seminary programs offering both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. So you can pursue all of your post-high school preparation in one place. Many of our students acquire a BA in Religion and then go on to pursue their MDiv, all within our Seminary.

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