Should I Go To Seminary

by Apr 18, 2023

Are you thinking of going to seminary? Or wondering if it’s right for you? Here are thoughtful questions and answers to help you through your discernment process.

Why Attend Seminary?

There are many reasons curious minds attend BMATS. Let’s break the process down into three questions that will help guide you when prayerfully making this decision.

Do you love God and his people?

As simple as this may seem, it’s really all you need to get started. God has a plan and a calling for your life. If you love and pursue God, have faith, theological training will deepen this love.

Are you active in the church and enjoy ministry?

Do you enjoy making disciples and serving in your church? It’s crucial to have passion for seeing God’s community grow and showing His love to others.

Do you enjoy theological texts, concepts, and discussions?

If you often find yourself tuning in to thought provoking podcasts, reading heady theology, or striking up conversations about the gospel over coffee, seminary could feel like home.

Do you believe God may be calling you to vocational ministry or theological academics?

While people attend seminary for a variety of reasons, the most common reason to go to seminary is to prepare for a ministry or teaching vocation.

In most cases, a career in academia requires a seminary degree, or the equivalent.

Not all pastors or ministers attend seminary. However, those who do are equipped to teach the Word of God with knowledge and confidence.

If you believe you may be called to serve God’s people in either of these capacities, a seminary degree may be right for you.

Benefits of A Seminary Degree

Deepen Your Faith: In seminary, you will explore the Bible and theology in depth. This gives you a more profound understanding of God and His purposes for your life.

Become Equipped for Ministry: At BMATS, you acquire the skills and experience that prepare you for many different  ministry roles. Skills you will learn include: preaching, teaching, counseling, leadership, and more.

Build Lifelong Relationships: Take advantage of the unique opportunity seminary provides. You get to build relationships and study God’s Word with like-minded people who share your passion.

Grow Personally and Professionally: In seminary, you will be exposed to new ideas, challenged to think critically, encouraged to develop your skills, and more.

What Can You Do with a Seminary Degree?

A seminary degree gives you both the knowledge as well as the credibility to serve in a variety of roles both locally and globally, including:

  • Pastor
  • Youth Pastor
  • Worship Pastor
  • Chaplain
  • Missionary
  • Theological professor
  • Nonprofit Administration 
  • Education
  • Social Work
  • And More

How Do I Know Whether Or Not To Do Seminary?

Take time to pray and talk with God about this decision. It’s also wise to consult with your church community and godly mentors who can advise you.

Also, take time to consider:

  • Your calling to ministry
  • Your excitement about seminary
  • Your love of studying the Bible and theology

Seminary is an investment in your spiritual and professional development. The decision to attend seminary should be prayerfully considered. You should consider your personal goals, passions, circumstances, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

If you have a passion for serving God and His people, going to seminary will be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding decisions you can make.

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