A Smart Choice

Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary was established in 1955 and is part of the Baptist Missionary Association of America. Since that time, thousands of graduates have served in churches, mission fields, and ministries all around the world.

Take a look at what makes BMA Seminary a smart choice:

  • BMA Seminary is accredited by both SACS and ATS, which means the education earned here is sound and reputable.
  • BMA Seminary is cost-effective. Tuition is $180.00 per hour for all students and all programs.
  • BMA Seminary offers rapidly growing online programs for students at all levels.
  • BMA Seminary is theologically conservative. The Scriptures are unapologetically regarded as infallible and inerrant.
  • BMA Seminary is home to a highly-trained, world-class faculty. You will learn from the best.

Do the math.

full accreditation + low tuition = a smart choice