BMA Seminary seeks to make seminary possible for anyone, regardless of their financial abilities.

    However, obtaining a seminary education is a serious financial commitment. Here you can find information on how much seminary costs and various ways that you can find financial assistance that will make seminary possible for you.

    Ultimate Provider

    At BMA Seminary we know that the Lord who owns the cattle on a thousand hills has enough money to pay for your seminary education. As you consider the financial aspects of seminary, we encourage you not to forget the most important resource you have: prayer.

    Federal Student Aid

    Pell Grants

    Undergraduate students (B.A.R. and A.Div.) who have need of assistance in order to continue their education may make application for a Pell Grant. Students who can show “need” may qualify for from $500 to $4,700 per year.* Funds received through this source must be used for educational expenses.

    *Figures are adjusted annually by United States Department of Education

    All paperwork must be processed and returned to the school prior to enrollment in order to avoid personal payment of tuition, etc. Students who wish to apply for a Pell Grant should make a formal request through the Dean’s Office. After an interview with the Dean, the student will be issued a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This packet must be filled out accurately and completely and mailed to the address on the application (or see If a grant is awarded, the funds will be disbursed by the Business Office.


    All financial aid is disbursed at the beginning (usually the fourth week) of each enrollment period, one-half at the beginning of the fall semester and one-half at the beginning of the spring semester. Seminary policy requires that all aid be used first to pay tuition, fees, housing costs, or other institutional expenses.

    Veteran’s Administration

    The Seminary has approved programs for students who receive educational assistance allowances from the Veteran’s Administration. Contact the Dean’s Office for details.


    All students at BMA Theological Seminary are assisted by the churches of the BMA of America. Students only pay a small portion of the cost of their education. This is, in effect, a significant scholarship.

    Any student who qualifies for enrollment in BMA Theological Seminary is eligible to apply for an academic scholarship. A student who wishes to apply for an academic scholarship should contact the Dean’s Office. Scholarship funds will be granted or denied, based upon the need of the individual student as revealed by the application, and the availability of funds, as determined by the Scholarship Committee.

    Other Ways to Pay

    Payment Plans

    Students are to pay their tuition and fees in full upon registration. However, when severe financial difficulties exist, the student may make other arrangements with the Business Manager. Contact the Business Office to discuss what payment options may be available to you.

    Student Loans

    The BMA Theological Seminary does not encourage students to obtain loans to finance their education here. However, we understand the difficulties involved in getting an education. Therefore the seminary will accept student loans. Contact the Business Office for more details.