Ready to Register?

The Fall 2015 Semester is just around the corner! Check the schedule to see what is being offered and start the registration process!

Early registration is June 1 through August 14.
Registration week is August 17-21.
Students registering after August 21 will be charged a late registration fee.
Classes begin August 31.

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How to Register

Step 1: Contact the Dean’s Office and get advised
Step 2: Login to DiscipleLink and register for classes (Need a tutorial?)
Note: DiscipleLink registers classes by academic year. This is the Fall semester of academic year 2015.
Step 3: Contact the Business Office to make financial arrangements
Step 4: Pay your bill, sign a tuition contract, or arrange financial aid
NOW you are registered
Be sure to get your syllabi and order books before the semester starts

Login to DiscipleLink to register for classes

All registrations must be approved by the Dean. You are strongly encouraged to consult with the Dean BEFORE registering for classes.

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