Short Application

All students seeking a degree need to complete the standard application. Students who are not seeking a degree includes the following kinds of students:

  • Students who intend to transfer credit from a few classes to another school
  • Homeschool students taking dual-credit courses
  • Students who are taking or auditing courses for personal enrichment
  • Students taking free classes

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Transfer Students

Applicants who qualify for admission, but will take only a limited number of courses to fulfill requirements for other institutions, are classified as “special” students. A student must obtain verification from the school at which he or she is seeking a degree that courses taken at BMA Seminary will be applied to the relevant degree program.
Short Application

Dual-Credit Homeschoolers

Homeschool students in the last two years of high school may apply to take Bible courses as dual-credit courses. These courses are fully accredited and can be transferred to another college or university after the completion of high school.
Dual-Credit Application

Personal Enrichment

Some courses are open to all, regardless of previous academic training. Students who enroll for credit in any course must declare the level at which they desire to receive credit at the time of enrollment.
Short Application

Free Courses

BMA Seminary periodically offers free courses to the public. These are not for credit, but enable interested individuals to expand their knowledge of God and get a taste of seminary education.
Free Course Information