Dual-Credit for Homeschoolers


BMA Seminary now offers online classes to homeschool students! These courses provide students the opportunity to study advanced Bible curriculum and earn college credit. Courses are available for students in grades 11-12.

Why Study at BMA Seminary?


Theologically Conservative

BMA Seminary unapologetically believes and teaches that the Scriptures are infallible and inerrant. Since its founding in 1955 BMA Seminary has taught Christ-centered preaching, worship, and discipleship. BMA Seminary is supported by the churches of the Baptist Missionary Association of America, an organization of theologically conservative, biblically organized, and missionary minded churches.

Homeschool Friendly

BMA Seminary has welcomed homeschool graduates for many years and now is glad to be offering courses to homeschoolers directly. While all of our faculty welcome homeschoolers into the classroom, many of them also have direct experience with homeschooling:

  • Dr. Greg Parsons, homeschool father of nine, Professor of Old Testament
  • Dr. David Hellwig, homeschool father of four, Professor of New Testament
  • Dr. David Erickson, homeschool graduate, Professor of Theology and Church History

In addition many students at the seminary are homeschool parents or homeschool graduates. Your homeschool student will find a welcoming atmosphere at BMA Seminary.

Cost Effective

BMA Seminary is one of the most affordable accredited schools in the country. We challenge you to find a better deal for accredited dual-credit courses.

  • The cost of a single online course: $595
    • This includes three hours of tuition ($420), online fee ($100), registration fee ($30), and library fee ($45). Additional courses taken the same semester are only charged tuition and applicable fees (such as the online fee).

      Fully Accredited

      BMA Seminary is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Association of Theological Schools. What does that mean for you? It means any courses taken at BMA Seminary can transfer to another school when you start college.
      Please note that while all courses offered by BMA Seminary are fully accredited, the college to which credit is transferred makes the ultimate decision about how it will be accepted. The Seminary cannot guarantee how it will accepted into a particular degree program at another school.

      Courses Offered

      The following courses are offered online:

      • Old Testament Survey
      • New Testament Survey
      • Life of Christ
      • Life of Paul

      Courses are also offered on the Jacksonville, Texas campus.


      Ready to Get Started?

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      There are technological requirements for participating in online courses. Read more about them here.

      Want More Information?

      Give us a call from 8-5 Monday through Friday at 1-800-259-5673 or contact us here.