Non-Degree Students

BMA Seminary offers many educational opportunities for individuals who do not wish to complete a degree. These include:

  • Students at other schools who want to take a few classes and transfer them to the other school.
  • Christian education professionals who want to expand their knowledge, increase their understanding of biblical concepts, and complete continuing education requirements.
  • Individuals in Christian ministry who want to take their ministry to the next level, but are not ready to commit to completing an entire degree.
  • Individuals who simply want to learn more about God’s Word—what it says, what it means, and how to apply it today.
  • Homeschool students in their final two years of high school who want to take dual-credit Bible courses that can be transferred to any accredited college.

With the exception of Free Courses, all courses at BMA Seminary are offered for credit. Some courses are also available to be audited.