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Psychology & Counseling

Disclaimer: Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary is not responsible for the content of any of the web sites accessed from these pages

or from any other links you may encounter.


The main purpose for this virtual reference site is to provide links to the best psychological and counseling resource sites on the internet. If you will invest some time to browse through the following sites, then you will encounter vast amounts of information that will help you become more completely informed in regards to various psychological and counseling topics.


  The Internet Drug Index: Extensive and detailed drug information.

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  Statistical Resources on the Web: Statistical texts online, journal articles, and commercial resources.
  Statistics and Data Analysis on the Internet: Statistical publications, data mining, software, and institutions.
  Gary C. Ramseyer's First Internet Gallery of Statistics Jokes: Humor for those who are statistically inclined.
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  Alcoholics Victorious : Formerly Christian Recovery Connection. Search database, bookstore, support groups, and links to other recovery sites.
  Twelve Step Home Page: Links to many 12-step organizations, discussion groups, and resources.
  Web of Addictions: Facts, conferences, and links regarding alchohol and other drug addictions.

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Mental Disorders

  The Anxiety-Panic Internet Resource: Treatment and support resources.
  Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorders: Information and treatments.
  Bipolar Disorder: from the National Institute of Mental Health.
  OneADDPlace: Legal information, newsletters, conferences, and other resources.
  OC & Spectrum Disorders Association: Information and educational resources for obsessive and compulsive disorders.
  Depression Central: Information on all types of depressive disorders and on the most effective treatments.
  Eating Disorders: Books, support groups, treatments, and other resources.
  Yahoo Mental Health: Yahoo search engine pertaining to various aspects of mental health.

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Marriage and Family

  Adolescence Directory Online: Conflict, mental health, physical health, and counseling resources.

American Family Association


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Career Issues

  O*Net Online: U.S. Department of Labor search engine for occupations by title and code number (formerly the Dictionary of Occupational Titles).

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Psychological Organizations

  American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy: AAMFT resources including code of ethics, seminars, tapes, and licensure information.
  Christian Association for Psychological Studies: CAPS national and regional information, membership opportunities, resource links, and discussion groups.
  The American Association of Christian Counselors: AACC national and regional information, membership opportunities, and video, tape, and software resources.
  The National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists: Certification information, featured articles, and book resources.
  Pulier's Personal Psychiatry and Behavioral Healthcare Resources: Links to over 1500 mental health organizations worldwide.

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Theories, Therapists, and Therapies

  Academy of Cognitive Therapy: Basic facts about Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy including links to other CBT resources.
  Albert Ellis Institute: Rational Emotive Therapy information as well as professional services, training, and resources.
  Personality and Consciousness: Information on Adler, Bruhn, Freud, Jung, Kelly, Lewin, Maslow, Rogers, Skinner, Tart, and Buddhist psychology.

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Search Engines and Databases

  National Institute of Mental Health: National Institute of Health search engine, grant information, research activities, and news.
  American Psychiatric Association Online: APA information, search engine, clinical and research resources, and psychiatric news.
  Psych Web: Books, journals, discussion groups, link lists, psychology or religion, and self-help resources.
  Anti-Anxiety: Information on several psychological topics such as depression, anxiety, addictions, and career issues.
  Educational Resources Information Center: Clearinghouse on assessment and evaluation providing information concerning educational assessment and test utilization.
  Mastering Life Ministries: Ministry oriented site addressing abuse, abortion, AIDS, homosexuality and other sexual issues.
  Health Guide USA: provides the ideal gateway to a wide array of online health information sources.
  Internet Mental Health: Extensive information on mental disorders, diagnosis, and medication.
  Behavior Online: Editorials, discussions, organizations, resources, humor, and games.
  Netsmart: Over 7,500 resources including disorders and treatments, professional resources, a reading room, and managed care and administration.

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Book Resources

  Peason: Higher Education
  Amazon: Over 3 million titles for your parousal.
  Baker Book House Company: Baker, Revell, Chosen, and Cambridge Books site, including used books online.
  Barnes and Noble: The world's largest bookseller online.
  Beck Institute Bookstore: Books, tapes, and pamphlets regarding cognitive therapy.
  Guilford: Guilford Publications site.
  Harper Collins: Harper Collins Publishers search engine.
  Independent Publishers Group: IPG site with links to several independent publishers' sites.
  Jossey-Bass, Inc.: Jossey-Bass Publishers site.
  Clienet-driven educational solutions: Pearson Learning Solutions
  The Thomson Corporation: Shared web service that hosts and provides critical tools for more than 35 publishers as well as sites developed by non-profit organizations.
  Tyndale House: Tyndale House Publishers site.
  Wiley Catalog: JohnWiley & Sons, Inc. catalog site.
  Zondervan: Zondervan Publishing House site.

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  David Baldwin's Trauma Information Pages: Focus primarily on emotional trauma and traumatic stress.

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