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Church History

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General Church History Sites Modern Church History Sites
Baptist History Sites Denominational Sites
Early Church History Sites Other Interesting, Helpful and Fun Sites
Medieval & Renaissance Sites World History Sites
Reformation Church History Sites  

General Church History Sites

  General Church History : This is a great site! It contains lots of documents from every era of Church History. Be sure to check out the Museum of Pilgrims!
  Church History Documents : This site will give you access to documents from every age of Church History.
  Fox's Book of Martyrs : Text of the book.
  Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet : pointers to internet accessible literature related to Classical Christianity.
  Post Reformation Digital Library : Links for patristic and medieval theology.

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Baptist History Sites


Baptist Beliefs (SBC) A detail of Baptist beliefs

Baptist Stuff : This page will link you to various Baptist groups as well as other Baptist organizations.

  Founders Ministries : Contains articles and back issues of the Founder's Journal.
Information on Charles H. Spurgeon : All you have ever wanted to know about Spurgeon!
  The Reformed Reader : committed to historic Baptist beliefs.
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Early Church History Sites

  Information on the Early Church Fathers : Contains ALL the works of the church fathers! : An Internet Resource for Studying the Early Church
  Guide to Early Church Documents (ICLnet) : The Apostolic Fathers
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Medieval and Renaissance Church History Sites

  Sources for Medieval History : Articles, texts, and information on the saints lives.
  Medieval studies : This site covers almost all aspects of medieval life; art, history, music, architecture, etc.
  The Middle Ages : Another site which covers many areas of life in the middle ages!
  Medieval and Renaissance Art and Literature :This site covers a lot of ground, but concentrates mostly on England.
  Medieval Europe : Contains texts of important documents, secondary articles, and other fun stuff!
  Medieval Timeline : This site focuses on England, and is still under construction, but the biographical index is good.
  Medieval Labyrinth! : Contains texts, cultural information, teaching resources, and professional information.
  Byzantine and Medieval Links : This site contains a vast amount of information - it even has its own search engine!
  The Dante Project : Contains texts and commentaries - be sure and look at the images!!!
  Monastic Orders and Monasteries : Contains information about the various orders.
  The Crusades

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Reformation Church History Sites

  Reformation Documents : From the Magisterial and Radical phases - English documents under construction.
  Calvin's Institutes : Contains The Institutes - with important sections highlighted- and some other works.
  Martin Luther Site : A great site focusing on Luther and his works.

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Modern History Sites

  Sources for Modern History : Documents from Reformation Europe to the Twentieth century.

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Denominational Sites

  Baptist Missionary Association of Texas:  The official site of the BMA of Texas.
  Church of the Brethren : Not an official church site - but full of great information!
  The Orthodox Church : Lots of information about the orthodox in both Europe and the U.S.
  About Orthodoxy : from the Diocese of New England.
  The United Methodist Page : The official United Methodist information page.
  Catholics Online : Information about Roman Catholicism and other Catholic links.
  Episcopal Church : the official site for the Episcopal Church Center.
  Presbyterian Church U.S.A. : The official church site.
  United Churches of Christ : The official site.
  Unitarian-Universalist Association : A very interesting official site.
  The Quaker Corner : Fascinating site with lots of geneology information as well as general info on Quakers.
  Southern Baptist Convention : The official site of the SBC.

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Other Interesting, Helpful and Fun Sites

  The Catechism of the Catholic Church : The most recent version.
  Today in History : Just for fun!!
  FindLaw : A leading legal Web site dedicated to the United States Constitution and the U.S. Supreme Court.  It has historical documents, biographies, Supreme Court decisions, Federalist Papers, the Constitution, and the lives of the Founding Fathers and all Supreme Court Justices.  Also, it hosts a Town Hall to share ideas on message boards, vote on constitutional issues, sign-up for free e-mail summaries of new Supreme Court decisions as they are issued, and caselaw, including US Supreme Court cases from 1893 -- present!
  History Today : This a great online magazine dedicated to history.
  Encyclopedia of Philosophy : Articles on philosophy and philosophers.
  Index of Saints and Angels : Biographical index of Roman Catholic Saints.
  The History Channel : Great information and channel listings.
  New York Public Library History Links : Great Links!
  A&E Biography : Biographical information on lots of historical characters.
  American Memory : Contains changing collections from the Library of Congress.
  Guide to Reading, Writing, and Researching History : This is a very helpful site for history students - it will give you a lot of the basics for the study of history.
  PBS-Online - History : Access to PBS history programming.

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World History Sites

  Elizabethan England : A very well done site put together by High School students in Illinois.

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