Theology 412c -- Christian Doctrine

Christian Doctrine II – Th 412c – is now available in an online format. The exercises in this course may be completed in a variety of ways:


            1.         By means of pen and ink (or typewriter) on exercise forms which are to be mailed back to the Seminary. 

            2.         By completion of the questions, using your personal computer, which can then be printed and mailed to the Seminary or sent via Email.


Click the following link to view the course syllabus. Theology 412c Syllabus

            If you want to enroll for the course, send us a request for further information by using the Email link that is at the end of the syllabus. That information will be sent shortly. Hard copies of the lessons themselves or a CD with all of the materials may be sent to you by mail. If you have high speed internet (DSL or CABLE), the materials can be sent by Email.


May God bless you in your work. We hope that this course will be of benefit to you and your ministry.

Philip Bryan

January 22, 2004