COURSE DESCRIPTION: Church involvement in total ministry is a study of church staff duties in their leadership of the church’s membership, conducting of worship, evangelistic outreach, teaching ministry, stewardship and church promotion.

COURSE PURPOSE: The study purposes to better equip pastors and potential pastors for understanding and doing the specific activities required of those in pastoral leadership. While the study within itself is not an in-depth treatment of each aspect of ministry, it attempts to present a summary of much which is required to function in a pastoral leadership position.

ASSIGNMENTS: Read the material on the disk and prepare a notebook including:

            1. Outline of 600 pages outside reading; Books selected must be related to the subject.

            2. Gather statistics from your local association detailing:

                        a. Per capita gifts for local church work

                        b. Per capita gifts for denominational work

                        c. Percent of total church income allocated for pastor remuneration

            3. Prepare a questionnaire for prospective Sunday school teachers

            4. Discuss a church calendar explaining its importance and how it might be set up.

            5. Prepare a Sunday School lesson on stewardship

6. Select a church budget:

                        Explain how you would lead a church to establish a church budget

                        Explain how you would establish amounts for cooperative work.

Discuss the weakness and strengths of the budget you are studying

7. Secure a copy of a church bulletin; suggest positive change to its format.

            8. Write a news report for a local paper

            9. Prepare a newspaper advertisement of a revival meeting

          10. Write a religious article suitable for your local paper.

          11. Write a religious tract

          12. Describe your church program and offer suggestions for strengthening its ministry.

          13. Develop a program outline for an ordination service

          14. Write an original wedding ceremony.

          15. Select a topic in each chapter; prepare a one to two page paper in which you develop

                        the topic in greater depth.

          16. Prepare for a final test. The test will be mostly objective and will be designed to

                        measure your comprehension of the concepts presented in the material.

GRADES: Grade will be 66% based upon the final test and 34% on the work in your notebook.

            This revision of Dr. Kellar’s book is a work in progress. As you study the material, please devote space in your note book for listing any typographical errors, suggestions for additional material or any other changes you feel would enhance the book. (Please list your suggestions in the order of occurrence citing page number and approximate position on the page. Your comments will not affect your grade).

prb 9/20/06