Graduate Courses

Earned from BMA Seminary through Master's In Motion.


Master's In Motion

Intensive One Week Resident Courses held at the BMA Seminary and other locations





Online Courses from BMA Seminary

BMA Seminary offers undergraduate online courses in Adobe .pdf format that you can download and complete at home.  Master's In Motion courses are available for undergraduate credit also.  Apply undergraduate online courses toward the following undergraduate degree programs:


Bachelor of Arts Degree

Prerequisite and some Required courses

are available.


Associates of Divinity Degree

Most required courses are available.


Diploma of Christian Leadership

Most required courses are available.


Certificate of Christian Leadership

All required courses are available.  


     ■Through Distance Learning you earn credit toward the Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Religion, Bachelor of Arts in Religion, Associates of Divinity, Diploma of Christian Leadership, or a Certificate of Christian Leadership from BMA Seminary. 


     ■You Can complete courses offered online by the BMA Seminary, or resident Master's In Motion courses, or by the to earn your degree.  BMA Seminary Distance Learning makes it simple to get your seminary degree without having to drive long distances.