DiscipleLink Info

How to Register with DiscipleLink


Step 1: Contact the Dean’s Office for advising


Step 2: Login to DiscipleLink


Select Online Registration
In the box that pops out of the screen, click Begin Registration


Review your contact information to make sure that it is current. If you need to change any of your information, just click on the line you want to change and a box will appear where you can change the information.

Click Registration Form (By Program)

Select your degree program, the academic year [academic year 2015 runs from August 2015 to July 2016] and the semester.
Note: if you are registering for classes in two degree programs, you will need to select classes through one program and then select your other degree program to select classes through it.
You can see all the classes required for your degree, which classes you have already completed, and which classes are available to be taken.
To choose a class, click add to cart.
You then must choose which section of a course you wish to take. Not all courses have multiple sections, but some do. Click on the rectangle of the section you want.
Which section do you want?
.c courses are online classes
.x courses are Arkansas classes
No suffix courses are Jacksonville classes
Check the information to make sure this is the class you want to take. Then click Register Now.
Congratulations! You have picked a class! Now continue choosing courses until you’ve chosen every class you want to take. After you’ve chosen all your classes, you MUST click on Session Summary. This finalizes your registration in the Dean’s Office and allows you to see a summary statement of all your classes and expected tuition.

Answers to Problems

The course I want to take says Not Offered, but the schedule shows that the course is being offered!

Notice that it says Not Offered (options). Click on (options). In the box above will appear all the courses or sections that are being offered that will fulfill that requirement. This typically occurs because a course is not being offered on the main campus, but is being offered online or in Arkansas. This also occurs for all electives, and it will show you all classes being offered that could possibly fulfill that elective requirement.


It won’t let me register for the class I want to take, it just shows a red square and a P on that class.

This means the class has a prerequisite that you haven’t taken yet. Please select a different class. If you believe this is in error, contact the Dean’s Office.


I need to retake a class, but it just shows me my bad grade from last time.

You can register for a class you’ve already taken by clicking on the (R-1) by your old grade.