PhR 411 Christian Philosophy (As Needed)
This is an introductory study in the field of Christian philosophy, focusing on a biblical epistemology and relating this to the patterns of changing philosophies.

PhR 412 Current Movements in Religion (As Needed)
A survey is made of the leading cults, sects, and movements in contemporary America, exclusive of the major non-Christian religions of the world.

PhR 511 Apologetics (Fall 2014)
A study of the defense of the Christian-theistic world view is made against the background of a brief survey of anti-theistic thought and representative approaches to Christian apologetics from the Greek Fathers through the modern era. Emphasis is given to methodologies and proposals in light of biblical revelation.

PhR 515 Special Studies in Philosophy of Religion (As Needed)
This course is designed to offer specialized and advanced studies in various facets of philosophy, theology or ethics for a Christian world view. Issues may be of contemporary or classical importance.