PR 111 Oral Communication (Fall 2014; Summer 2015)
This course introduces the student to the principles of sermon/lesson construction and delivery. Students are directed in the selection and exegesis of texts, from which sermon/lesson ideas, theses, and objectives for sermons/lessons are formulated. The principles and procedures learned are implemented in the preparation of sermon/lesson manuscripts.

PR 311 Sermon Preparation (Fall 2014; Summer 2015)
This course is designed to provide comprehensive instruction in homiletics. Students are tutored in the gathering, organizing, discarding, and filing of materials related to the texts, ideas, theses, and objectives of their sermons.

PR 412 Sermon Delivery (Spring 2015; Winter 2016)
The specific emphasis of this course is upon sermon delivery with a review of basic principles of preaching. Special attention will be given to the key elements of verbal presentation, body language, grammar, history, context, and proper attire as it relates to expository preaching. Students will preach several sermons in class and participate in constructive evaluation of their peers. Class size will determine the number of sermons delivered by students. The course will also include critique of selected preachers. Prerequisite: Pr 311

PR 511 Expository Preaching (Fall 2014; Summer 2015)
Students are guided in the techniques and skills of expository preaching by inductive means. Expository sermons are developed from assigned passages in the Bible and delivered during the class sessions. Each sermon prepared and preached is given a detailed evaluation with regard to its nature, type and formulation.

PR 611 Homiletics (Spring 2015; Winter 2016)
The course offers advanced study of oral communication theory and the implementation of skills required for an effective pulpit ministry. Attention is given to preparation of individual sermons, sermon series, special occasions, and year-long preaching calendars. Students also study the preparation processes and sermon delivery styles of notable preachers, past and present. Prerequisite: PR 311 or PR 511.