EV 311 Biblical Evangelism I: Evangelism Explosion (As Needed)
A careful study of the biblical, theological, and historical bases for evangelism is made. Using the Evangelism Explosion model, each student is assigned to a three-member team under the supervision of an “EE certified trainer.” Teams meet together for one hour of study each week and then go out into the community to call on prospects. Following the visits, the teams meet again for a report and praise session.

EV 411 Biblical Disciple-Making and Evangelism (Every Semester)
This course is a continuation of PM 312. Attention is given to the DiscipleWay spiritual disciplines of giving, witnessing, and serving for the purposes of personal spiritual formation and disciple-making. Prerequisite: PM 312 or EV 311.

EV 511 Biblical Evangelism and Discipleship I (As Needed)
The course is a practical study of the biblical, theological, and historical basis for evangelism. Students will be exposed to both academic and practical aspects of the discipline. Through supervised field experiences, class activities and special studies, students are expected to enhance their skill for organizing and promoting a program of evangelism in a local church. Through lecture, discussion, additional research, and reading students are expected to develop a theology of evangelism.

EV 512 Biblical Evangelism and Disciple-Making (Every Semester)
This course is designed to provide advanced study of Biblical principles and theory for Christian evangelism, outreach, and discipleship. The course uses regular field ministry to give attention to the development of communication and evaluation skills and effective methods for training others in evangelism and outreach. The course includes student exposure to persons within varied cultural and social contexts. Attention is given to selected spiritual disciplines such as giving, witnessing, and serving. Prerequisite: PM 312, PM 514, EV 311, or EV 511.

EV 521 Special Studies in Evangelism (As Needed)
This course allows a student to explore different emphases in evangelism as applied to different themes, age groups, cults, world religions, or as applied in specialized geographical settings (e.g. urban or resort areas). Particular goals, skills, and requirements will be selected according to the individual needs of the student. Prerequisite: EV 311, EV 411, EV 511, or EV 512.