NT 123 New Testament Survey (Every Semester)
This course is a survey of the entire New Testament. The general background, authorship, and content of the various books of the New Testament are covered. The life and work of Jesus, the organization of churches and early missionary enterprises are especially stressed.

NT 213 Life of Christ (Every Fall)
An examination is made of the factual basis of Christianity as it is found in the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. The purpose of the course is to promote subjective comprehension and response to the basic truths of Christianity which emerge from the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

NT 223 Life of Paul (Every Spring)
This course is designed to enlighten the student in Pauline chronology and to survey pertinent historical incidents which affected or coincided with his ministry. Special emphasis is given to the environmental background of early Christianity as recorded in the Acts of the Apostles.

NT 421 Studies in the Gospels (Summer 2015)
Topical and exegetical studies are made in the Synoptic and/or Johannine gospels with emphasis on important theological concepts and great events in the life of Christ, such as the Messianic consciousness of Jesus, His miracles, and His parabolic teachings. Note: The course may be repeated when different topics and events are studied. Prerequisite: NT 123 or NT 511.

NT 422 New Testament Interpretation (Fall 2014)
This course consists of analytical and interpretative studies in Acts or one or more New Testament epistles. Emphasis is given to the application of New Testament precepts to current situations in life. Introductory and background materials receive only abbreviated treatment. Note: The course may be repeated when a different book (or books) is studied. Prerequisite: NT 123 or 511 or 512, depending upon the book(s) studied.

NT 511 New Testament Introduction and Survey I (Every Fall)
A study of the political, social, religious, and economic world of the New Testament is made by examining the major events of the intertestamental period leading up to the first century, including Judaism and its sects; the life of Christ; first century New Testament churches; New Testament canon; the Gospels and Acts.

NT 512 New Testament Introduction and Survey II (Every Spring)
This course is a continuation of NT 511. Special attention is given to the background, date of composition, structural outline and authorship of the Pauline epistles, the General epistles, the Johannine epistles and Revelation.

NT 621 New Testament Exposition (Fall 2014; Summer 2015)
This course is a directed exposition of one or more of the New Testament writings. Emphasis is given to the discovery of the historical purposes, theological content, and practical applications of the teachings of the book(s) studied. Note: The course may be repeated when different books are studied. Prerequisite: NT 511 or 512, depending upon the book(s) studied.

NT 631 New Testament Theology (As Needed)
This course deals with the primary elements of New Testament theology. The theological emphases distinctive to individual New Testament writers are noted as well as the essential unity of Christian thought in the New Testament. Note: This course also qualifies for credit in the theological-historical field (see TH 621).

NT 632 Special Studies in the New Testament (As Needed)
Advanced and specialized studies are made in various facets of the New Testament. These may include current approaches to New Testament Interpretation, studies in the canonization of the New Testament and New Testament criticism.