Heb 511 Hebrew Grammar I (Every Fall)
This is an introduction to basic Hebrew grammar and syntax. Acquiring a vocabulary, developing various grammatical skills by doing translation exercises, and learning the paradigms of the Qal and niphal verbal stems are emphasized.

Heb 512 Hebrew Grammar II (Every Spring)
As a continuation of basic Hebrew grammar and syntax (Heb 511), translation and parsing are emphasized through recognition of patterns of the seven verbal stems, including the weak verbs. Translation exercises include several verses, primarily from Genesis.

Heb 515 Hebrew Review and Reading (Summer as Needed)
An intensive review of Hebrew grammar and basic syntax and vocabulary with applied readings from selected portions of the Old Testament. Prerequisite: Heb 511 and 512

Heb 621 Introduction to Hebrew Exegesis (Every Fall)
The student is introduced to the basic tools and methods of Hebrew exegesis (including word studies) with application of these methods to selected readings in Hebrew narrative and poetry. An attempt is made to correlate (or “bridge the gap” between) exegesis and the teaching and preaching of the Word. Prerequisite: Heb 511 and 512. Note: All students must take Heb 621 to satisfy the M.Div. requirement for Hebrew exegesis. The course may be repeated with additional requirements when a different area is studied.

Heb 622 Hebrew Exegesis (As Needed)
This course consists of exegetical studies in a book (or books) which will enable the student to review and refine the basic steps of exegesis. Emphasis is given to improving translation skills through an inductive review of Hebrew grammar and syntax and vocabulary acquisition and retention. Prerequisite: Heb 621. Note: The course may be repeated when a different area is studied.